Propulsion systems
and services to enable
mobility in space

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Our Products

We enable space logistics companies to provide in-orbit services by offering them high-performance, green propellant based propulsion systems; the best alternative to the current toxic solutions at a fraction of the cost

Green propellants

High-performance at a fraction of the cost

Our very own test center

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Our Team

Multidisciplinary and complementary team working together for more than 4 years.

The development team of the first regeneratively cooled engine made in Spain.

Francho García

+ 10 years of experience in the space sector, leading engineering teams and supporting business development and fundraising activities

Francisco Espinosa
Director of Mechanical Engineering

+12 years of experience in the space and railway sectors, leading the design of propulsive and electromechanical systems

Ismael Gutiérrez
Director of Propulsion

+9 years of experience in the space sector, leading rocket propulsion projects with engines up to ~32kN, leading directly all testing operations

Sergio Soler
Director of Automation

+8 years of experience in the industrial and space sectors, leading the development of comprehensive control and automatic systems for test benches and rocket engines

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  • Aeropuerto de Castellón, Carretera CV-13, Km 2.4, 12181, Benlloch

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