Why using hydrogen peroxide

As the name indicates, monopropellant thrusters use only one fuel. Arkadia has chosen hydrogen peroxide of high concentration, 98% (known as Hight Test Peroxide, or HTP) due to its very good performance.Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known fuel in the space sector, and its becoming a major trend these days because advacements in chemistry that allow to store it for long periods of time.Hydrogen peroxide is the perfect fuel to substitute hydrazine, as it provides very good performance both as monopropellant, and bipropellant when combined with a fuel.

Green fuel

Using hydrogen peroxide we can be the real alternative to hydrazine monopropellant systems, a standard in the industry


A monopropellant system is simple as it only needs to decompose the propellant to produce the thrust, hence ensuring reliability


We take serious European sovereignty, having develop a 100% European monopropellant thruster



MONARK is a HTP-based monopropellant thruster, meant for spacecraft attitude control and in-orbit maneuvers.

  • Propellant: HTP
  • Ignition: Catalytic decomposition
  • Isp: > 160s
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